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Mog Chothra is an eldritch abomination that visits several villages in Broken Age in order to consume the girls they offer as sacrifices. History. Mogs are huge creatures that have visited several villages in Broken Age for almost a century. Every fourteen years, a new one emerges form beyond the Plague Dam to consume the people on the other side. The warrior village o Mog Chothra is a many-eyed, giant monster fond of consuming maidens. To appease Mog Chothra, the villages it terrorizes have turned to appeasing the beast by offering up young girls at the Maiden's..

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Broken Age Tips: How to Beat Mog Chothra & More. Stuck? Here's a few tips to get you through Vella and Shay's tale How do you beat MOG Chothra in Broken age? To defeat Mog Chothra, you have to blast off three of his tentacles. Once that's done, he grabs Vella. While he's holding her, use the ladder on his mouth. This leaves his mount open for the final strike. How do you get the peach in Broken [ Use the weapon you got from the stranger in the pyramid and aim at the monster's tentacles. Use the ladder to jam the beast's jaw. At some point you need to let the monster catch you. While facing him eye to eye, use the ladder on him. Now aim the beam at Mog Chothra's mouth. If you can hit him, the enemy is defeated Broken Age | Shays Komplettlösung ; Broken Age | Trophäen-Leitfaden: Alle Errungenschaften im Überblic

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  1. This time I show you, how to escape from Mog Chothra in Broken Age.Leave Comments and hit that Like Button, Thanks!My Online Store - http://goo.gl/rXkN0hDona..
  2. There's a broken stained glass behind you. Touch it to make it come out. Take the red and grey crystal above the one you just took out and put it in the lower spot. Take the sun crystal you have in your inventory and put it where the red and grey one was. This will give you a weapon to kill Mog Chothra
  3. Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure video game developed and published by Double Fine. Vella is chosen to be sacrificed to Mog Chothra at the feast in her hometown of Sugar Bunting (formerly a town made up of warriors named Steel Bunting) but concludes that if the monster could be killed, the rituals could be ended. She finds a way to escape the beast and ends up in Meriloft, a small.

Komplettlösung. Broken Age. Beide Akte erfolgreich gelöst. Klickt einmal, um aufzuwachen, und anschließend auf eure kleine Schwester, um mit ihr zu reden. Folgt ihr in das Haus zu eurer Linken. Characters. The following is a list of characters appearing in Broken Age Broken Age - 05 - Tuer le Mog Chothra (Broken Age : Acte 1 FR) - YouTube. Broken Age - 05 - Tuer le Mog Chothra (Broken Age : Acte 1 FR) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to. Velouria Beastender Tartine, nicknamed Vella (voiced by Masasa Moyo) is one of the two main protagonists in Broken Age. She is chosen to be sacrificed to the monster Mog Chothra in order to save her village of Sugar Bunting. She fights against this fate, however, and is set to destroy the monster once and for all

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This is how to solve the puzzle at Mog Chothra's feast in the beginning of Broken Age. Objective []. Your ultimate objective with this puzzle is to escape. In order to do this, you will need to use the various girls around you and the items they possess in order to fly away on the bird who keeps flying around the ceremony.. Puzzle Solution []. This is a multi-step puzzle that requires the use. Broken Age Ep 01 - MOG CHOTHRA!!! (Walkthrough) - YouTube. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV. On part à l'aventure sur un très joli jeu Point&Click signé DoubleFine !N'hésitez pas à me laisser vos avis en commentaires ainsi qu'un petit pouce en l'air. Broken Age - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 - Mog Chothra Boss Fight! (PC, iOS, Android) If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch.

Levina is a minor character in Broken Age. 1 Biography 1.1 Act 1 1.2 Act 2 2 Quotes 3 Trivia Xelevina Clench was a member of the Thrush in Loruna. However, in their quest for perfection, the Thrush did too much damage to their genetic makeup and needed to collect people from beyond Loruna's Plague Dam. Every fourteen years, the Thrush of Loruna would send out a special ship known as a Mog to. Mog Chothra finally shows up, and wow, what a creepy beast. With the first maiden gone, now it's time to really escape. First, Broken Age: Act 1. Summary: Broken Age is a point-and-click. Broken Age ist ein Point-and-Click-Adventure. Aus Sprites zusammengesetzte Figuren agieren vor handgezeichneten, teilanimierten Kulissen. Mit der Maus kann der Spieler seine Spielfigur durch die Örtlichkeiten bewegen und mit den Maustasten Aktionen einleiten, die den Spielcharakter mit seiner Umwelt interagieren lassen Broken Age wiederum hat mich in vielerlei Hinsicht etwas an Fran Bow erinnert. Vor allem zu Beginn. Ein gewöhnungsbedürftiger Grafikstil, der aber durchaus wie Kunst betrachtet werden kann mit. Broken Age. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Broken Age > General Discussions > Topic Details. ni0g0s. Jul 2, 2016 @ 9:03am Why Mog Chothra eats girls? What for? Could you help me? I was remembering the story of the game but i dont remember the purpose of Mog to abduct girls. Thank you < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments . jeputz. Jul 5, 2016 @ 11:58am.

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  2. Mog Chothra erscheint bald und frisst die beiden Maiden, jetzt liegt es an uns, das Monster mithilfe des Todesstrahls zu besiegen. Zunächst einmal sollten wir eine Schwachstelle finden. Wenn wir.

The Maiden Feast is an at least 300-year-old ceremony celebrated to appease monsters like Mog Chothra and stop them from destroying their town. Those who best represent the village are often chosen as sacrifices. It is an honor to be chosen as a sacrifice, and many of those chosen dress in alluring formal wear to gain the monster's attention. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Wenn wir Harm'ny fragen, ob er uns hilft, Mog Chothra zu töten, legt er vor Schreck ein goldenes Ei - wir sollten das besser nicht hinterfragen. Wir fragen, ob wir es haben dürfen, die Antwort.

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First missions | Chapter 1 - Shay Broken Age Guide. 0. Post Comment. 3. 15. Next Chapter 1 - Shay Lower deck Prev Chapter 1 - Vella Fighting Mog Chothra. Click on Shay to wake him up . To start playing as Shay you need to wake him up. To do this, double click on him. First click moves you to his world and the second wakes him up. Eat cereal. Your first objective is to eat cereal. Click on a. Broken Age kent een meeslepend verhaal waarin Vella en Shay uiteindelijk veel rare figuren tegenkomen. Een mysterieus wezen in een wolvenpak, het monster Mog Chothra, een weefgetouw dat ruimtereizen mogelijk maakt; in deze fantasiewereld(en) is alles mogelijk Komplettlösung Broken Age: Guten Abend, Vella, Meriloft Teil 1, Meriloft Teil 2, Shellmound Teil 1, Shellmound Teil 2 Characters / Broken Age Protagonists. The Only Sane Woman, she wants to fight back against Mog Chothra instead of being sacrificed. Action Girl:... Residents of Sugar Bunting, Meriloft, Shellmound, and inbetween. Vella's younger sister. An energetic kid who looks up... Crew of the Bossa Nostra. The.

Mog Chothra. Game: Broken Age. Series: 1. Card Number: 3 of 8. Description: Listen, monster, isn't there something we can give you to go away BESIDES maidens Broken Age has two main characters - a young woman named Vella and a young man named Shay. As the sun and moon motifs from the game's opening indicate, the worlds that Shay and Vella occupy are complete opposites. Although, as we find out at the end of Broken Age's first act, they are in fact, related, much like the floating space rock and ball of gas that we see in the sky each day.

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Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure telling the stories of a young boy and girl leading parallel lives. Genres: Adventure. Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild Language. Platforms. This is going to be filled with spoilers, obviously! So, my friends and I been doing a lot of thinking. This story begins with a lone research ship that finds an amorphous techno-organic blob and brings it home to research it, it spreads across the world and consumes it, bonding with all of the technology and enslaving everyone to keep it alive. It's pseudo-intelligent, and derives its.

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Broken Age is a point and click adventure game by Double Fine Productions. You play the role of Shay and Vella who lead two very different lives but are mysteriously connected in some way. Shay is stuck in the daily grind and never does anything really exciting and Vella has been chosen to be the next maiden sacrificed to the terrifying Mog Chothra Maiden's Feast | Chapter 1 - Vella Broken Age Guide. 0. Post Comment. 1. 3. Next Chapter 1 - Vella Meriloft Prev Chapter 1 - Vella Party. Sacrificial ceremony. You get to a river bank, where you are going to be offered as a sacrifice. Talk to each maiden. Once the girl on your right is gone, ask for water. After the conversation, Mog Chothra snatches another victim and you can find your corset.

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Not only has Mog Chothra been damaged, but Vella is now inside of it. Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure telling the stories of a young boy and girl leading parallel lives. Genres. Broken Age, in der Vorberichterstattung auch unter dem Arbeitstitel Double Fine Adventure bezeichnet, Ihre Familie wohnt in einem Dorf, das regelmäßig von einem gigantischen Monster namens Mog Chothra heimgesucht wird. Um das fiese Viech zu besänftigen, haben die feigen Dorfbewohner die Tradition des Maidenmahls entwickelt, bei dem der Bestie alle paar Jahre die schönsten Mädchen des. Broken Age Walkthrough. After defeating Mog Chothra Vella and Shay switch places. Vella falls into the ship after trying to punch Shay and Shay steps aside and finds himself in Shellmound for the first time. Shay's in a bit of a daze. Click on him to wake him up. After a dialogue with Shay's father head over to the left into town. One of the hexipal buddies has been damaged. Walk over and. Broken Age: Original Soundtrack by Double Fine Productions, released 28 January 2014 1. Peter McConnell - Broken Age - Vella Wakes 2. Peter McConnell - March in the Clouds 3. Peter McConnell - Battle at Shellmound 4. Peter McConnell - Face the Cupcakes 5. Peter McConnell - Maidens Feast 6. Peter McConnell - Mog Chothra 7. Peter McConnell - Hero 8 Anastasia is a minor character in Broken Age. 1 Biography 1.1 Act 1 1.2 Act 2 2 Quotes 3 Trivia Anastasia is one of the maidens of Shellmound. Having collected every fishhook in town with her best friend Drucilla to make elaborate costumes, Anastasia douses herself in her special Beast Hooker scent, guaranteed to attract all sorts of Mogs. The odor is a closely guarded family recipe to the.

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The Bottled Water Maiden is a minor character in Broken Age. 1 Biography 1.1 Act 1 1.2 Act 2 2 Quotes 3 Trivia The Bottled Water Maiden is an unnamed resident of Sugar Bunting who was selected for the Maiden's Feast. Her dress reads Drink Me, and she holds a bottled water. The Bottled Water Maiden is eager to be taken by Mog Chothra during the Sugar Bunting Maiden's Feast. She believes that. Broken Age Wiki Guide. Characters. Top Contributors: Bob, Miranda Sanchez, Memegaman03 + more. Last Edited: 9 Feb 2014 10:09 am. Page Tools. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag; View History; Shay and. Broken Age soundtrack from 2014, composed by Peter McConnell. Released by Sumthing Else Music Works in 2015 containing music from Broken Age (2014) Broken Age. Pretty much Mog Chothra in general. You really have to look at it fully to realize how terrifying it is. How willing the other maidens are to be chosen. Then one changes her mind after the first is taken and starts whimpering in fear. Vella's conversation with the Thrushmaster prior to Act 2's climax is full of this

Broken Age Act 2 picks up right where the previous act left off. After finally taking down the Mog Chothra that had come to take Vella, she now finds herself inside of the strange beast/machine. Broken Age wasn't likely to CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!, but for longtime fans of the genre, its initial release represented a significant milestone. The game got off to a good start, with Act 1 drawing us into the lives of protagonists Shay and Vella only to see their worlds subverted by sinister outside forces—a charming, tantalizing glimpse over far too soon, with a massive cliffhanger to boot Broken Age löste einen Crowdfunding-Trend unter Spieleentwicklern aus. Der erste Teil zeigte sich als solides Point-and-Click-Abenteuer mit Coming-of-Age-Geschichte. Im zweiten Teil präsentieren. Broken Age Walkthrough. Getting Into The Bassinostra. After trying to punch Shay at the end of Act 1 Vella trips and falls into Mog Chothra, or the ship called the Bassinostra. Click somewhere on the screen to get Vella to stand up. The talking knife will drop down from the roof. Talk to it until you have the option to bring it with you. Head over to the right and you'll see a tear in the. Broken Age ist eine zeitlose Geschichte über das Erwachsenwerden - komplett mit kotzenden Bäumen und sprechenden Löffeln. Vella Tartine und Shay Volta sind zwei Teenager, die unter seltsam ähnlichen Umständen, doch in radikal verschiedenen Welten leben

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A Broken Age két - látszólag egymással semmilyen kapcsolatban nem álló - kamasz történetét mutatja be, akik mindketten szakítani akarnak a szokásokkal. Vella Tartine egy fiatal lány, aki a Mog Chothra által feldúlt világban éli mindennapjait. Mog Chothra egy hatalmas lény, akit a Szűz lakoma nevű ünnepekkor felajánlott. 4. Broken Age Story walkthrough - Act 1: Vella. Click on Vella to wake her up and begin her half of Act 1. Click on the little girl, Rocky, Vella's younger sister, to get a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, click on the nearest building, Vella's House, to continue. Click anywhere in the darkness to move and trigger the next cutscene Without getting too spoiler-y (and I wouldn't read beyond this point if you haven't already played Act 1 of Broken Age), the end of Act 1 leaves us with quite a twist, with the monster Mog Chothra that the female protagonist, Vella, helped to shoot down is revealed to actually be the so-called spaceship that the male protagonist, Shay, was inside the whole time Broken Age Crack. Broken Age is a graphical point-and-click adventure game, where the player-controlled character can be directed to move about the screen, examine objects, and talk to non-player characters to learn more about the game world. The game features two playable characters, each located in separate worlds; the player can switch from one character to the other via the game's. Broken Age (précédemment Double Fine Adventure) Shay, pris au piège à l'extérieur du Mog Chothra, découvre que ce qu'il pensait être les IA du vaisseau sont en fait ses vrais parents ; son père, Ray Volta, coincé à l'extérieur avec Shay, l'avertit que sa mère est toujours piégé à l'intérieur. Pendant qu'ils essayent de trouver un moyen de revenir à l'intérieur, le.

Broken Age Game Guide by gamepressure.com. Broken Age Guide. Game Guide. Chapter 1 - Vella. Shellmound. Broken Age Game Guide . Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. Table of Contents. Shellmound | Chapter 1 - Vella Broken Age Guide. 0. Post Comment. 4. 5. Next Chapter 1 - Vella Fighting Mog Chothra Prev Chapter 1 - Vella Meriloft. Take a glass pane from the. Welcome to Mog Chothra's chosen podcast, On this episode we're going to be discussing Broken Age, a point and click adventure game that was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. This game's notoriety comes from a combination of its Kickstarter combined with the fact that it was an adventure game with very traditional adventure game mechanics released so long after their heyday by. Broken Age ist nicht nur komisch, sondern genau wie die besten Werke von Müller-Michaelis ummantelt mit einer Schicht Dramatik. Als Vella muss ich verhindern, vom monströsen Mog Chothra aufgefressen zu werden. Es sei das Schicksal des Mädchens: Zusammen mit anderen Jungfrauen in einer feierlichen Zeremonie zum Wohle des Dorfes geopfert zu werden. Fast alle freuen sich: Die Bewohner. Broken Age wurde zwar zunächst in zwei Akten veröffentlicht, doch seit 28. April 2015 ist das Spiel nur noch vollständig erhältlich. Darum errechnen wir aus zwei Einzelwertungen die Gesamtnote

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Broken Age. Begleitet Shay und Velouria, zwei Kinder aus komplett unterschiedlichen Welten, die eines gemeinsam haben: Sie sind mit dem Leben, wie man es ihnen vorschreibt, nicht zufrieden Broken Age tells a story of two teenagers, who both stand up against norms which are generally accepted in the society they live in. You really cannot blame Vella for what she does - after all she and four of her female friends were chosen as a sacrificial offering for Mog Chothra, a monster which is regularly served offerings lest it destroyed the entire village. Shay, on the other hand. referencing Broken Age, LP, Ora + LP, Dar + Album, Ltd, 8BIT-8028 So my copy was pretty meh, misaligned and popping as the needle moved from left to right. I may have just gotten very unlucky, but I am hoping they will exchange it

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Broken Age: Im Kurztest. Tim Schafers PC-Spiel Broken Age, Auslöser der Crowdfunding-Hystery in der Games-Branche, entpuppt sich als interaktive Erzählung denn waschechtes Point&Click-Adventure About Broken Age. The first graphic adventure by Tim Schafer in 16 years, Broken Age began life as a historic, record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, and the first Act was made available to preview in early 2014. Now the full adventure is here in all its beautiful, 2D, hand-painted glory! It's launching simultaneously on a multitude of platforms, and features an original orchestral soundtrack. Watch BROKEN AGE SOLUCE(8) - Acte 1 - Vella - Mog Chothra - GamingLiveTV on Dailymotio Dann wird Mog Chothra gerufen und verspachtelt prompt das erste Mädchen. Vella hat genug und beschließt, abzuhauen, dazu brauchen wir aber einen Plan. Der Vogel, der sporadisch vorbeifliegt.

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