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Explanation. This is the sixth comic in the My Hobby series. Cueball is deliberately mispronouncing words while talking. It's just his hobby. Hobbies in the My Hobby series are generally annoying or weird, but with an element of cleverness. Here, Cueball persists in mispronouncing his words despite the second character's attempt to correct him Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation , search Epitome is an interesting one for me, since I read it phonetically (same as Randal's example), and didn't figure out that e-pi-tō-mē and eppy-tome were the same word until mid to late teens

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It was launched as a word on the xkcd comic strip and is apparently unpopular with the Wikipedia administration folks, who objected to the word having an entry on the site Retrieved from https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title=1816&oldid=13793 Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation. , search. One of xkcd 's tagline categories. There are a lot of comics that include jokes about/using language. Arnold Zwicky has compiled a nice list of them 1889: xkcd Phone 6; 1890: What to Bring; 1891: Obsolete Technology; 1892: USB Cables; 1893: Thread; 1894: Real Estate; 1895: Worrying Scientist Interviews; 1896: Active Ingredients Only; 1897: Self Driving; 1898: October 2017; 1899: Ears; 1900: Jet Lag; 1901: Logical; 1902: State Borders; 1903: Bun Trend; 1904: Research Risks; 1905: Cast Iron Pan; 1906: Making Progres Today's incomplete explanation of the day is 802: Online Communities 2. Help us fix it! http://www.explainxkcd.com/802. Incomplete explanation of the da

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xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your devic XKCD is an American English webcomic located at xkcd.com.The website, comic and affiliated products and fora are all by Randall Munroe, who describes the website as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language . and as described by Dresden Codak, a fellow webcomic artist, XKCD is simplicity itself, this comic is lined paper, stick figures and math jokes resembling the margins of a

Mar 12, 2019 - Explore Greg Dye's board xkcd on Pinterest. See more ideas about humor, nerd jokes, nerd humor Søren Køhler Apr 03, 2008 at 11:33AM. In Denmark a common on-purpose mispronunciation is saying indernet indstead of internet. I believe it originates back in the nineties when especially the older part of the population had trouble pronouncing this newfangled english word. Also, Indernet actually means Indian net in Danish

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May 10, 2019 - Explore Binh Phan's board xkcd on Pinterest. See more ideas about humor, science jokes, science humor The Macquarie Dictionary feels compelled to explain that the dictionary is a complete record of Australian English. The criterion for inclusion in it is thus evidence of currency in the language community. When I polled friends for their pet pronunciation peeves, many of them listed those in the Waynespeak collection, while others added examples that readers may cringe at: cachay Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #1870 (July 31, 2017) Next > >| Emoji Movie Reviews: Title text: There's this idea that emoji are bad for communication because they replace ambiguity and nuance with a limited set of preselected emotions. Brackets - like the one in this comic, for finding the best emoji - are a recurring theme in xkcd. It is. Nov 27, 2017 - And arguably sunspots, on rare occasions. But even if they count, it takes ideal conditions and you might hurt your eyes Yes, I think you are spot on. The third character mischievously wants to use begs the question to refer to fighting a lost cause in English usage. One set of people can agree t

It also contains a mispronunciation of a Latin word that we need for the pun. The setting is back at that bizarre bar, where many, if not most, of the patrons are not human; kind of like that bar in Star Wars where all the creatures hang out. In today's joke, it's a mushroom that walks into the bar. Don't ask what size mushroom it was. You will just have to use your imagination. We don. I explain that words can be put together to form phrases or clauses, and that a clause is a group of words that can stand on its own as a complete sentence. I realize that I've already botched my explanation, so I backtrack to explain the difference between independent and dependent clauses. And now that everyone is here, I say Good morning all over again. I look for a blackboard and.

Similarly, mispronunciation is people trying too feebly and in vain to say our names — and dispronunciation is people saying our names incorrectly on purpose, as if to remind us whose country this really is.[] In my case, I'm not even talking about the pronunciation of my last name here. Look, I would love to live in a society where both names were said right by most people. But I. A basic introduction to GIT for students. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets Aug 8, 2019 - Tasty fast casual Mediterranean food in San Francisco -- my 4-star review of Oasis Grill @Yelp In Australia, mispronunciation is often said as mispronounciation. Although it is a noun, there's no noun in it. In 1987, Harold Scruby, who later functioned as Deputy Mayor of the Mosman City Council, published a quirky compendium of instances of mispronunciation by Australians. He labelled these Waynespeak. Prior to the publication of Scruby's book, his friend Leo. Jan 18, 2020 - Hottest Editors. https://t.co/zCjaDf6jI

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xkcd also provides another example, that, coincidentally but also misses the more obvious mispronunciation of Krabappel. Mr. Burns got a good one when he was trying to get a biopic of himself made: Burns: All right, Spielbergo, I want you to do for me what Spielberg did for Schindler. Spielbergo: But, Schindler es bueno! Burns es diablo! Burns: Oh, pish tosh! Oskar Schindler and I are like. Just use mispronunciation Randy... Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. rs August 9, 2011 at 9:54 PM. here you go: % Reply Delete. Replies. Reply . Anonymous August 9, 2011 at 10:19 PM. Why does the program get to keep guessing the password without the system triggering the three strikes and the account is completely locked policy that is so common? This could be handy for reading my crush's email.

The horror and pleasure of misused words: from mispronunciation to malapropisms. Tue Dec 5. Written by Roslyn Petelin, Associate Professor in Writing, The University of Queensland. American film director Judd Apatow once confessed to Stephen Colbert that he'd been mispronouncing his wife Leslie Mann's name for nearly two decades American film director Judd Apatow once confessed to Stephen Colbert that he'd been mispronouncing his wife's name for nearly two decades. He'd been saying Lez-lee, while she pronounces it as Less-lee. When he asked her why she hadn't corrected his mistake, she said she thought he wouldn't be able to make the adjustment Mispronunciation. Plum Position. 03/24/17 PHD comic: 'The Four Stages' Flag. Color Pattern. 03/20/17 PHD comic: 'URL vs IRL' Vomiting Emoji. Battle Lines Drawn. 03/17/17 PHD comic: 'Managing' Onboarding. 03/15/17 PHD comic: 'Latest Videos from PHD TV' Best-Tasting Colors. 03/13/17 PHD comic: 'Finally' Chat Systems. Madness. 03/10/17 PHD comic: 'Too happy' xkcd Phone 5. Hacking. 03/06/17 PHD. The Cambridge pronunciation web page says the English pronunciation sounds the 'l', but I've noticed the silent-'l' pronunciation on a number of occasions by actors playing upper class and very precise English public school types

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Allow me to explain. I love classical music, I'm quite offended by it. Such deliberate mispronunciation is an insult to my proud ethnic heritage. 4:14 PM Albatross said... I think the most curious (mis)pronunciation of a local German name is the town of Gruene near New Braunfels. If pronounced in German, the name would be something like GROOEHN, but using that umlaut sound that is very. Even though I once liked xkcd, the last few years I think it's really gone down. This is an attempt to see wether the rest of the world thinks the same. The results gathered here will tell everybody what xkcds are the better ones. It would then be possible to make some totally pointless graphs of the quality of xkcd over time

This a bit meta but thought it might be of interest. The Milesian myth and genetic data suggest that major migrations into Ireland may have come by sea from NW Spain but it's hotly disputed. This language map agrees though, and also helps explain why Welsh is unintelligible to Irish speakers. [OC I'm not entirely sure this belongs here, but the proverb (i think it is a proverb) I cross my heart and hope to die stick 1000 needles in my eye.. Hi, frustrated teacher here. OED is great but costs money. Everything else seems like garbage. Help Relevent XKCD comic Iapetus 11:57, 16 March 2015 (UTC) Just to be clear, badass doesn't just mean having a strong character. It suggests a strong character, but specifically a somewhat amoral, reckless, and possibly dangerous character. Marco polo 18:45, 13 March 2015 (UTC) It depends. Someone once called me a badass word guy, and it. Sort by. level 1. rxneutrino. 26 points · 3 years ago. Total coincidence. Dopamine was named in 1957 after it's precursor d ihydr o xy p henyl a lanine (L-DOPA). The colloquial use of dope in the US meaning a simpleton/fool or a person under the influence of a drug goes back to the 1850s. level 2. bluescissor

Paracrine (beside + to separate) -> how does this become the definition relating to, promoted by, or being a substance secreted o Before today's AWAD, I only knew this word as the tongue-in-cheek creation of webcomic artist Randall Munroe (of xkcd fame). In 2006, he started using blag as a deliberate mispronunciation of blog. The term stuck, at least among the comic's fans, to the point that the xkcd official blog is found at blag.xkcd.com Anleitungen zur Verwendung von Git gibt es reichlich im Netz. Meistens fehlt dabei der Hinweis, dass es im Umgang mit Git oft nötig ist, ein Verständnis der inneren Zusammenhänge von Git zu entwickeln. Durch diese enge Verknüpfung werden in Git unfassbare Möglichkeiten für die Versionierung und die Workflows eröffnet, was wohl einer der Gründe für den großen Erfolg ist More details Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. Main Page. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search. Welcome to the explain xkcd wiki! We have an explanation for all 2430 xkcd comics, and only 18 (1%) are incomplete. Help us finish them! Latest comic. <p>MINNEAPOLISâ€Explaining how the company remains innovative in a fast-paced industry, executives from DigiVista Media told reporters Wednesday that the marketing firm consistently positions itself on the leading edge of what its competitors have been doing for the past few years.</p><p>“The landscape is always changing, so we’re continually embracing revolutionary ideas that.

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  1. BBC mispronunciation, that's what! I'm not sure whether this is a worrying trend or just a worrying longstanding tradition, but lately I've noticed what at least seems like an increased carelessness on the radio about the pronunciation of slightly difficult words. In some cases this is merely a bit irritating—as with the routine pronunciation of Angela Merkel as Anjullah Murkle, which.
  2. To answer that question, I explain that my older was always an atypical learner. For example, when he was 4 years old and I was pregnant with his brother, as per the advice of the parenting books and with my obstetrician's permission, I brought him to one of the pre-natal 'well-baby' checkups. When the obstetrician walked in, he pointed to the big poster on the exam-room's wall and.
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  1. This page needs some cleaning up to be presentable. This trope is not significant tree, it's tree that binds the world together. Examples of merely significant trees (including the ones from Abrahamic tradition) - or of things that aren't trees at all - need to be moved to more-appropriate pages
  2. While I'm at it—here's something else which initially looks impossible until you work out the basic principles behind it. Which I'm sure you can. Having written about the levitating Slinky earlier, I'm not going to write another 1300 words now explaining that the radius can vary how you like provided the combined radius of the two gears is always equal to the how it works
  3. XKCD: Purity. BarerMender. February 8, 2021 at 12:46 pm | # As an old math major, I like it. I don't know if you can call math science, though. BarerMender. February 8, 2021 at 12:58 am | # Oh, hey! I'm Ruth! My favorite character. Bless you, Willis. Slartibeast Button, BIA. February 8, 2021 at 1:00 am | # Back in my day we only needed *three* letter acronyms for courses. Damn kids.
  4. Mispronunciation, especially of such proper names, is frequently used in pop culture to depict naivete, a lack of or disdain for wisdom and knowledge. But as we have just learned from Signora Versace and the two Bilocksians, naivete is not exclusive to the Jed Clampett family. There was a perfectly fine dialect coach on ROSE TATTOO, but I'm sure she was hired to work on the Sicilian part.
  5. g its tenth series. Each series is named for a letter of the alphabet and the topics for each episode begin with that letter (J being the theme for the upco

I can't say either of those roll off the tongue in either language and any English mispronunciation of it is just awful. Lee-brah and the like to me is about as grating as Tay-Co (taco), Jal-Ah-Peeno (jalapeño) or Ques-Aaadla (quesadilla). This is a major loss of brand for the network. I'm sure I'll get downvoted into oblivion When I ride with a driver who's using one of those things, every mispronunciation makes me cringe. 104. MattF. August 30, 2017 at 12:55 pm @The Moar You Know: Uh, whoa. 105. jl. August 30, 2017 at 12:59 pm other people might have a legitimate function apart from worshiping you. That is a nice thought. But I sense some dissonance in applying that to my role as a decent human being. 18.4k members in the optometry community. A sub-reddit for all things eye related This xkcd comic coins the term malamanteau, for a malapropism created by combining two words. (The word is a combination of malapropism and portmanteau, which is a combination of two words in this manner.) There was a lengthy discussion on Wikipedia regarding what should be done about the entry (which, like the word itself, did not exist until the comic went up); malamanteau was.

As explained in one comic, Bmzklfrpz is actually pronounced Ptklm. In For Better or For Worse, Mtigwaki is the First Nations village Liz once lived and taught in. The actual pronunciation (m-tigwak-eh) appears nowhere in the strip itself, leaving most not to even attempt spelling it, let alone saying it. People would refer to it as Liz's. People are prone to mispronunciation when they've only read a word, and never heard it pronounced before. This was especially perilous before the existence of online dictionaries. There is another hazard which can mislead someone in pronouncing a word incorrectly—and it was to this that I succumbed my first year at seminary. This is the case where a word is spelled in a manner that makes. Ender's Game is the book that put Orson Scott Card on the map, and it remains his most famous work ever, with its sequel Speaker for the Dead a close second. It was first published in 1985. In the not-too-distant future, mankind has barely survived two invasions by an insectoid alien race, formally known as Formics, but called Buggers by most of the viewpoint characters Your ears are fine and you are correct. PREY and PRAY sound the same and have much different meanings. These are called homonyms. From Wikipedia: A further example of a homonym, which is both a homophone and a homograph, is fluke. Fluke can mean..

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'Blag' is my intentional mispronunciation of 'blog', intended to show a slight disdain towards blogging. The fun of intentionally mispronouncing or misspelling words was introduced to me by my good friend Aditya N., probably in 1995 AD. When blogs became popular, naturally I started calling them 'blags', because most of them are pointless and worthless (as is this one) and making fun of them. The Mispronunciation Intolerator P.S. That Rumsfeld decision? Not such a good one. Posted by Liz at 5:36 AM 1 comment: Monday, April 17, 2006. The Geezer Pleasers. Okay, will someone please explain to me what's so hot about shtupping an 80-year-old guy who's hard of hearing and hangs out in his jammies all day? Apparently Hugh Hefner's personal bevy of blonde bunnies has been reduced. Just in time for Mardi Gras season, the etymology of float, as in parade float, is from a type of wagon used in the cotton trade - a cotton float And the biggest, best game of all is the Battle Room, where they organize into armies and play 41-on-41 zero-G laser tag as the adults look on, searching for future commanders against the incoming menace. Enter Andrew Ender Wiggin, six years old and third child of his family, a stigma due to the population restriction laws The information contained in this message and its attachments, if any, (the totality of which is referred to as just 'message' hereinafter) is intended only and solely for the addressed individual or entity indicated in this message (or responsible for delivery of this message to such person or entity)and for the exclusive use of the said addressed individual or entity and may contain legally.

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They poo-poo fusion quite a bit but mining thorium would have quite a large environmental impact (unless its done well which is unlikely because of $$$) and even though fusion uses lithium which too must be mined it uses far less 33,488 votes and 24,810 comments so far on Reddi Don't go chugging that $20 corked bottle - beer deserves to be savored. The following are some general guidelines for optimum specialty beer enjoyment! Temperature (Some Like It Too Cold)- Americans like their beer cold, but frigid temps chill your taste buds and prevent you from appreciating the complex flavors of many ales and lagers. Typically, ales should be served around 50*f and even. This xkcd comic coins the term malamanteau, for a malapropism created by combining two words. (The word is a combination of malapropism and portmanteau, which is a combination of two words in this manner.) As of this writing there's a lengthy discussion on Wikipedia regarding what should be done about the entry (which, like the word itself, did not exist until the comic went up)

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  1. d it being capitalized. If you are unsure, I would suggest capitalizing it and adhering to.
  2. He did indeed, but it wasn't quackery that cured him. Chris Wark is a young man who was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003 at age 26. He underwent appropriate surgery for his cancer but declined adjuvant chemotherapy in favor of quackery. Now promotes his testimonial, in which he tries to convince people that it was the quackery.
  3. Yeah, don't make him mad. William Wallace's Berserk Button is widely reported to have been the murder of his wife. Kill his wife and he will become a walking machine of death and destruction against England. NEVER EVER insult the men of the Edmund Fitzgerald in ANY of the steel cities on the Great Lakes
  4. ds of crackpots is a terrifying thing
  5. Explain in one or two sentences what a tree conflict is and how to resolve it. Create new svn checkout and copy/paste over your changes. That was easy, hehe, just kidding I would use git over svn any day:) Re: (Score: 2) by brantondaveperson. As I'm sure you must know perfectly well, it's a conflict caused by a change to a file conflicting at the tree level, so that one person modified the.

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Tired of nitpicking, xkcd resolved the issue by making its own version of Frankenstein where it is the monster's name, so that people can say that is their canonical version. The Inferno is the first (and most famous) part of Dante Alighieri's epic poem The Divine Comedy.This part of the poem and in particular its images of Hell is often referred to as Dante's Inferno, but people often. Seen at the local pharmacy Taumarunui, where I'm visiting Heather Hastie—a beauty mask made of sheep placenta: It seems to me that they should be marketing rat placenta beauty mask, killing two birds with one stone! p.s. Heather says that the town is pronounced Toe-maa-roo-nu-ee, and that no European and very few New Zealanders can say i He does this by explaining how we 3-D beings can freely perceive everything that exists only in two dimensions, but if we physically interact with that particular 2-D plane, natives there could only see a part of us. In a different context, Sagan also shows a plexiglass model of what a 4-D cube (a tesseract, or a hypercube) would look like in our 3-D plane of existence

He did it again when explaining that smelling of piss is not an attractive feature, stating you'd never hear Tolstoy saying the following: I saw her first at Red Square, with the light glinting off her hair. I'd never forget it as I came closer. The delicate but definite smell of urine. It drew me like a magnet. Oh, Natasha, I love you, you big squirt of piss. A Patton Oswalt bit on the. Ender's Game. The enemy's gate is down. The book that put Orson Scott Card on the map, and remains his most famous work ever. In the not-too-distant future, mankind has barely survived two invasions by an insectoid alien race, formally known as Formics, but called Buggers by most of the viewpoint characters There is not one speck of chocolate in this recipe--it's technically penuche, which I always thought had something to do with peanuts, but is instead a mispronunciation of the Mexican sugar panocha. If you too have never made fudge, it's like making candy but with milk instead of water and then you whip confectioner's sugar in at the end This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. Apache Subversion Fails SHA-1 Collision Test, Exploit Moves Into The Wild More Logi C.S. Lewis appreciated the quality of Court Hand. In 1943 he wrote a letter to Gerald Hayes (1889-1955), who was Chief Cartographer for the Admiralty. Hayes had provided some maps for one of C.S. Lewis' favorite authors, E.R. Eddison. Two of these maps can be found at Inventing Imaginary Worlds

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Based on a mispronunciation by my daughter, thinking of renaming my blog to CyberVinegar. The programmer equivalent of age/sex/location is OS/language/editor. Laws should affect human behavior, not router behavior. Using virtualization on the desktop means that crappy desktop software can force you to reboot an entire cluster Mar 24, 2017 - There's a compromise bill to keep the notification bar but at least charge the battery Fossils Sentence. Name Fossil Lab Hour Online Lab - Myscience8.com. 1. Understand what a fossil is, how fossils form, and how they are important. 2. Be able to use a Geologic Time Scale chart to In the last sentence in the video he says we are still waiting for more _____ in order to fully understand dino extinction You know, the stuff that has no bearing on anything but bothers you anyway. One of mine, lately is car wheels with spokes that don't work with the bolts. Five bolts, seven spokes; four bolts, five spokes, etc. I find myself looking at the car next to me (and groaning) at every stoplight

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A basic introduction to GIT for students

  1. Tasty fast casual Mediterranean food in San Francisco
  2. The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse on Twitter Text
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  4. xkcd sucks: Comics 935 and 936: Missed Joke
  5. The Horror And Pleasure Of Misused Word
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  7. Upper class English speech using a silent-'LL' in

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  1. Paracrine (beside + to separate) -> how does this become
  2. A.Word.A.Day -- AWADmail Issue 727 - Wordsmit
  3. git started (German) - IPC2012 - Speaker Dec
  4. Xkcd 816 — browse our great selection of books & get free u
  5. The THOUGHTS and DREAMS of Brad D
  6. Nippy, palaver and cockwomble: Greatest words in English
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